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Hahahaha I only overheard this video and I know that you obviously pissed the girl off at the window when you made a second order after she already rang up your initial order and when she made her attempt to dissuade you by saying "it's gonna be a few mins" you said " I'll wait " She was annoyed by you so when she asked if you could see through the window it wasn't random, they were fucking with your food and then got nervous that you may have saw them doing it Why would any fast food employee give two fucks if you could see through that window? It will be funny when this guy gets beat up nearly to death and he will have two black eyes I will laugh my ass off at that Why do I ever buy merch? To help out the creator whilst having a useful item of clothing Why even bother buying a rip off?

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Also really why would elsa have a girlfriend? Ok so I got points and whatever i got is cool I wish saying Duckduckgo is easier to roll off the tongue. I still can't believe you put them in your video and I love this show!

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Para Mi fue la mejor Voz de esa edicion!!! Mere best singer alka yagnik and udit narayan Ls models pleasure models nn. Plot twist: the girl is not blackShe is purple There was a part in the original video where she calls the kkk on her phone Kolera bataa Manghod pani nako hagbay na naigo na sa akoa kumo!!!

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Vintage kelvinator refrigerator. I think this is the first time I've heard someone say he smells nice I have the doll for classic tails and sonic! This legitimately brought tears to my eyes, hes such a sweet dude!! Mera sir body develop nhi ho pa rahi hai mushje khush rahene me tarike batao Wait I thought you already defeated the red sunPS I have summer break now :.

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Between this and Ryan Hollinger's video on Pet Sematary, I'm really feeling the nihilism tonight Local sex cincinnati date. Pierced clit young Amateur screaming squirting orgasm. Turkic people were the first in a history who domisticated the ancient dogs!

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Adelaide escorts sex So ur just taking people who failed at music? So big boy I no what that gun was it was a tomey gun Very professionalBtw, when will your plan have children? This is the best YouTube content I have ever seen in my life on this subject How to make my pussy smell good.

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I can see true Star Wars again after decades Bravo! Disney, shame on you, nothing more than a thief! Not class at all You should give that 80k to the creators of this Hardly believe Disney is so clueless that has to rob talented creators I like the "Kylo" moment of hesitation when Sidious asked Vader to kill him.

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These actually look amazing Gurl ur amazingly talented wow! My babe nude OMG the hair one i didnt even see the bugs i saw her eye and thought that was her eyelid or something!! First of all, I love both of you And on top of that I love that game!

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Fenty for sure, I also liked the two faced Hairy woman pussy archive You guys should've had the same clothes!! I dont understand the purpose of a stright pride parade Being straight hasnt been against the law, people dont get killed for being straight, and straight people dont have to hide their sexuality in fear of what their family and friends will think or do when they find out their sexuality Dont get me wrong, I think everyone has the right to have their own parades and be proud of who they are and which way they swing, but theres never really been a struggle being straight Change my mind if you can come up with good counters, I'm open to discussions Nude males uncut fat dicks.

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I want a full on space battle More clone wars pleaseeeeeeee Kkkkkkk fuck, you dont mama Africa there 54 countries shittttttttttt. You heard it!! Yet you're going to say it's true what he said and then what she said?? Notice us senpai!!


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